Maniac Week

We’ve been working hard on Code Connect and we’re at the point where we just need to finish development of a minimum viable product and release it in beta form. I’ve decided to take a page from the book of Nick Winter and embark on a Maniac Week. Nick Winter clocked 120 hours of programming during his, which works out to approximately 17 hours of work a day. Bethany Soule of Beeminder recently attempted the same feat; to work as much as she could during one week.

One thing Bethany and Nick Winter had going for them is that they were essentially motivation experts. Nick Winter has published an e-book on the topic, and Bethany co-founded Beeminder, a company dedicated to keeping people motivated and on track to meet their goals. 

I have no such qualifications. I procrastinate, have no tools to keep me on track and have no real strategy to stay on track. To help me stay focused, I’ve blocked all websites I frequently waste time on. I’ve also built my own tool for Windows to take screenshots and webcam captures every minutes. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stitch these into a video documenting the experience sometime next week.

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