Code Connect Prototype

It’s been a few months since I introduced the idea behind Code Connect. Code complexity has been increasing for decades, but the tools we use to manage this complexity have largely stagnated. It’s hard for a programmer new to a large project to understand what’s going on in a maze of abstraction and function calls that span hundreds of files, and thousands of lines. Many of us either insert a breakpoint and trace execution using the debugger or resort to writing out function calls by hand.

Why are we using the debugger to understand a codebase? Why are we resorting to pen and paper while sitting in front of a machine that can easily understand our source code? We essentially resort to “playing computer” when we try to understand code execution paths using only our mind. This approach is dated and makes no sense.

Code Connect strives to solve these problems by dynamically visualizing function calls as you develop. For the first time, we’re finally ready to show off our progress and hear your feedback.

If you’d like updates on our progress, sign up at

3 thoughts on “Code Connect Prototype

  1. This looks incredibly useful. I’d love to have this in C++, but a lot of the work I do could potentially give unviewably large lists of called functions. The ability to have the functions collapsed to their signature by default would be very useful in this situation!

    Additionally, is it possible to create new methods/fields/classes/namespaces from within codeconnect? If you have an intuitive way to do this, it would probably end up being more useful than the normal editor window by far!

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