Learn Roslyn Now

Learn Roslyn Now is a blog series that explores Microsoft’s Roslyn compiler API. My aim with this series is to introduce people to the power of Roslyn through small self-contained examples. I’ve taken inspiration from LearnVSXNow, a series by Istvan Novak that walks people through Visual Studio Extensibility.

Learn Roslyn Now TV

Learn Roslyn Now: Quick Tips

9 thoughts on “Learn Roslyn Now

  1. Is it possible to construct Method Symbols from an existing Assembly (dll) or Compilation object from an assembly without having source code

    1. I think so.

      I know there is IAssemblySymbol, which I believe you can use to get INamedTypeSymbols and their IMethodSymbols.

      I know you can also create a Compilation with the given Assembly and call GetSymbolsWithName() or GetTypeByMetadataName().

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