Learn Roslyn Now

Learn Roslyn Now is a blog series that explores Microsoft’s Roslyn compiler API. My aim with this series is to introduce people to the power of Roslyn through small self-contained examples. I’ve taken inspiration from LearnVSXNow, a series by Istvan Novak that walks people through Visual Studio Extensibility.

Learn Roslyn Now TV

Learn Roslyn Now: Quick Tips

13 thoughts on “Learn Roslyn Now

  1. What package is it that shows the variable values on the right as you type into the editor please?

      1. I quick google and I found that you wrote Alive yourself. Please make it available again, take my money!

  2. Is it possible to construct Method Symbols from an existing Assembly (dll) or Compilation object from an assembly without having source code

    1. I think so.

      I know there is IAssemblySymbol, which I believe you can use to get INamedTypeSymbols and their IMethodSymbols.

      I know you can also create a Compilation with the given Assembly and call GetSymbolsWithName() or GetTypeByMetadataName().

  3. Hi Josh,

    Thanks for an awesome tutorial! I wasn’t aware of it until somebody contributed the link to the Awesome Roslyn list. Learning Roslyn would have been much easier if I had been aware of this tutorial before 🙂 I moved the tutorial to the deserved top of the Awesome Tutorials list with the comment “A perfect tutorial to start with :-)”


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