Introducing Source Browser

I’m happy to announce the release of a project we’ve been working on at Code Connect called Source Browser.

Source Browser is based off of Kirill Osenkov’s Reference Source tool. The basic idea is that we can take C# files and generate static HTML that is linkable and searchable.

Want to see what that method invocation does? Just click it.
Want to see where that property was defined? Just click it.

It’s a simple concept, but it makes it an absolute joy to explore third party libraries your software depends upon. At Code Connect we use the Roslyn Reference Source on a daily basis.

Source Browser currently supports open source C# and VB.Net projects hosted on GitHub. Just provide the link to your GitHub repository to get started.

Further Development

We built Source Browser with more than C# and VB .Net in mind. We’re hoping to add support for other statically typed languages such as F# and C++. We’ve worked on an intermediate model that we believe most static languages can theoretically fit into. This means once a source  file for a given language is converted to this model, Source Browser is language agnostic. We’re hoping individuals will work with us to create”converters” for other languages.

Special Thanks

We’re especially grateful to the following individuals who helped commit code to Source Browser.  Their advice and guidance has helped shape this tool.

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