Code Connect Alpha Announced

We’re pleased to announce September 2, 2014 as the release date of the Code Connect Alpha.

We’ve released a video that covers some of the features you’ll see in Code Connect next week.

It’s important to stress that Code Connect is far from complete at this point. There remains a lot of work to be done when working with large solutions and undoubtedly many of you will uncover bugs.

In particular, Code Connect currently struggles with large solutions. Our current implementation naively pre-loads the entire solution, which can take considerable time when dealing with projects consisting of more than 200 C# files.

There also remains a lot of work to be done when it comes to the user interface and overall polish. You will continue to see improvements in this area during future releases of Code Connect.

One other point of note: Code Connect requires a copy of Visual Studio 2013 running Microsoft’s Roslyn compiler. We’ve compiled step-by-step instructions for installing Roslyn at:

As Microsoft’s Roslyn compiler has not yet reached a stable release, we would recommend against using it in a production environment.

We’re excited to bring the Code Connect experience to life and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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