Introducing Code Connect

Code Connect has been and idea that a classmate (Amadeus) and I have been talking about for the past year and a half. After seeing demos for Code Bubbles, Debugger Canvas, Light Table and watching a number of Brett Victor talks, we agreed that something had to be done about the state of programming. Dumping ASCII into text files quickly gets cumbersome. While tooling has improved over the years, we haven’t seen a major overhaul of text editors or IDEs.

Code Connect is our attempt to “fix” programming. It’s a plugin we’re developing for Visual Studio that allows you to retain all the benefits you’ve come to enjoy from that IDE. (For example, I love VsVim and Amadeus loves ReSharper). We believe you shouldn’t have to give up years of progress to take advantage of these new features.

We’re working hard to get a demonstrable prototype out by the end of February as part of our fourth year design project at the University of Waterloo.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Code Connect

  1. This is a great idea. I love the notion of viewing code as dependencies rather than in arbitrarily created files on the disk,

    I would love to try it out in my team when its ready. Please let me know once you have a relatively stable release.

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